The aim here is to state the conditions we have set up to ensure the booking procedure runs smoothly. It is important that you read this section thoroughly before sending an online booking or offline (telephone or email) booking to us. You may also find it useful to print this page so that you have these conditions to hand.

Offline booking conditions

  • A non-refundable deposit of £125.00 per person is required to secure your seat, or full payment when you are departing within eight weeks of departure or where it is a condition of sale for certain types of fares.

  • All balances are due no later than the date shown on your invoice; late payment may result in your booking being cancelled or an increase in cost.

  • We must be furnished with an address, whereby we can forward you an invoice and any other important information.

  • All fares are subject to change without notice, unless full payment has been made, whereby we will guarantee your Air Fare subject to Government changes in the law relating to Taxes.

  • Airline schedules are subject to change and withdrawal without notice and we take no responsibility for this occurrence.

  • Travel documents are despatched 10-14 days prior to departure by First Class Mail. We will gladly keep your documents in our office for collection. We can forward your Tickets by Business Post (Secured Mail) at a charge of £5.00.

  • All our fares are discounted for cash, cheque or debit card.A deposit of £125.00 per person may be paid by Credit Card, cash, cheque or debit card with surcharge. Should you pay the remainder by Credit card, a surcharge of 2.5% will be added. There is £1 surcharge for Switch or Debit Cards.

  • Cheque payment requires 7 working days clearance. On payment of a further £20.00 a special clearance may be arranged, reducing this period to 3 working days. Cheques that are returned to our office unpaid will be subject to a £20.00 administration charge irrespective of whether your Bank imposes their own administration fee.

  • It is a condition that you reconfirm all onward and return flights, no later than 72 hours prior to departure, this will avoid cancellation of booked seats and will update you on schedule changes.

  • By requesting information from our website it will be an acknowledgement that you have read our Travel Tips, booking conditions and acted upon any requirements that are relevant to you, or to any member of your party. Where time permits, we will also provide this information in hard copy sent with your confirmation Invoice.

  • Cancellation and amendment charges apply to all documents purchased through our Agency. Some in particular are totally non-refundable or changeable. We therefore strongly recommend that Travel Insurance be purchased at the time of booking.

  • For further information regarding cancellation or amendment charges relating to the ticket you have purchased please contact our office.

  • These are our general conditions of sale and others may apply, including the Airline with whom you are traveling. Please contact our office for these or any further information you require.